Pharmex 2020 will be held on "June 30 to July 2"

The most specialized pharmaceutical industrial event in Iran will be held on “June 30 to July 2” after the outbreak of Coronavirus with a delay of more than 4 months.

Meanwhile, the organizers of this event prepared the whole space and kept the booths during this period.

The exhibition, organized by the Food and Drug Administration and the Iran’s API, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Packaging Syndicate, has been one of the most influential industrial events in the Middle East in its second year with the participation of pharmaceutical industry representatives.

The event will be according to the announcement of the International Exhibitions Joint Stock Company regarding the reopening of exhibitions in compliance with accurate health protocols.

With regard, we would like to inform you about our pharmaceutical event called “Pharmex Middle East”. Pharmex with an industrial approach to the pharmaceutical industry is an international event that is being held annually by Iran’s API, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Packaging Syndicate.

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