Pharmapack Middle East event is going to be hold in Iran, kish island for the first time in January 30 to February 1, 2019.

The Public Relations dept. of the API and Pharmaceutical packaging syndicat to be cooperated by the host and Aland company is the organizer of this event.

pharmapack Middle East can support a wide range of needs for Asians in fields such as packaging and innovative technologies.

Pharmapack Middle East is the place where numerous solutions of Pharma industry will be displayed.

A few of those are:

Primary packaging, secondary packaging, designing assembly lines and engineering the manufacturing equipments and packaging raw materials, packaging design, advertising and marketing, raw materials and chemical blends and drug formulation, designing and manufacturing syringes, tubes, different kinds of injectors, vials, regulations and other innovations in pharmaceutical industry.

The exhibition is also organised by the API and Pharmaceutical packaging of Iran and therefor fields of raw materials and chemical substances will be covered.

The Pharmapack Middle East with an international approaching displays the latest Innovations and the researchers in modern designing  and inventions, estimating the capacity of the industry and the market in packaging and showcases the latest technologies in manufacturing the goods and materials of pharmaceutical industry.

In addition it can be mentioned that the aims of this exhibition are identifying and making contacts with domestic and foreign companies, introducing active companies, increasing the production quality, packaging similar to global standards, talking about the experiences, creating a competition in order to increase the outcome which can lead to a better exporting of packaging services to the countries in Middle East.

Due to the fact that Iran is producing 97% of pharmacopeia, it has a strong industry and it can has a lot of attractions for other packaging companies all around world.

On the other hand Middle East  has the potential that helps big companies of the industry be able to invest in this region and present their supplies and services and Gain profits in the local market.

In the world, the only pharmaceutical packaging event is being held annually in Paris. Because of it’s great importance for the whole pharma community holding an event similar to Pharmapack Europe has been needed in Middle East.

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